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We’ve painted our website green to remind everyone that we have always been green. Our roof material is highly recyclable and when it lasts a lifetime you don’t have repeated roofing material replacements that end up in landfills.

Our product is applied once. Other roofing materials require re-application over time and when they eventually fail, all that foam and broken shingle, tar and gravel end up in the landfills.

With IB, you could build a deck over it. Terrascape a rooftop garden or just reflect the sun at a higher level than other roofs bringing down utility costs. No to mention our product stands up to ponding like none other. If green is at the top of your home improvement priorities, then we have the roof solution for you.


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Lifetime roofing warranty

Show me the warranty. At BAC, we understand that a warranty is only as good as the material it backs up.

If you truly want to make this the last roof you will buy, do your research.

Don’t be fooled by maintenance contracts that are written to look like a warranty. Install a maintenance FREE Lifetime Warranty Roof from BAC Enterprises.

Your roof is the most important insurance policy you can buy. Don’t you want one that will last a lifetime?

Not all roofs are the same. Don’t trust everything under your roof to inferior protections. Call BAC and get the facts about the REAL lifetime maintenance free roof solution that meets your flat or pitched roof need.


Our roofs are covered by two types of warranty. Our Manufacturers support the actual materials used in installation with a manufacturer’s warranty. BAC Enterprises backs up the workmanship of the installation with a contractor’s warranty. Any disputes with the physical materials involved in your roof installation are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Any question about the workmanship on your roof can be taken up directly with BAC Enterprises.

You can’t get much better than a self produced, customer testimonial video. This Lifetime Roof recipient takes you through the process and shows you what to expect in a flat roof replacement.


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