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I have no hesitation to recommend BAC to anyone, and I have recommended them.


My husband and I are the proud owners of one of your roofs. I dreaded the thought of having one installed, but thanks to your excellent crew, the experience was quite positive.

I tell all our friends about your wonderful company and the quality of employees you have. You have some of the best people we have encountered as homeowners and wanted you to hear from a satisfied customer.

We heard about your company from a friend at High Desert, who plans to get one of your roofs next year. Now we can show him how great it will look!

You can’t get much better than a self produced, customer testimonial video. This Lifetime roof recipient takes you through the process and shows you what to expect in a flat roof replacement.

Dianna and Dorian

My wife and I would like to take a minute and share with you and BAC Roofing, our deep appreciation for the excellent job your team of roofers performed while installing our new roof.

We can not express how much we appreciated their courteousness, cleanliness of area around our home and especially their attention to detail.

The one item that my wife was especially appreciative of was, when they were doing the demo to our old roof, as the demoed materials were removed and fell and fell onto the walkway into our home, they cleaned this debris up immediately. This kept tar and roofing material from being tracked into our home. Great Job!!

In conclusion, everyone of the team that you sent to our home were just a pleasure and a great testament to BAC, that you have folks that are the best sales people you could have representing BAC.

Thank you and thanks to everyone…Please share with each of them on our behalf, for a “Job Well Done”!


I wanted to thank-you for your quick response and follow up trip to Gallup to check our IB Roof. All the way to Gallup and in sub-freezing temperatures, you were very professional. My husband and I are very appreciative of your attitude and service, and happy we sought your business out to decrease our roofing headaches. Thanks again.

Sharon and Michael

These fellows who did the roof work were so polite and such hard workers. They were fabulous!Thank you for such great service.


I wanted to advise you of the great follow up work your staff has done on our home in Taos, (NM). After having a BAC roof installed in Santa Fe, we wanted the same system when it came time to re-do our roof on our new home in Taos…
Needless to say after many “standard roof Jobs” in the past by “fly by night-here today gone tomorrow” outfits, we are pleased by the quality of the membrane, and the remarkable service “after the sale.”

…We have convinced one of our neighbors to install a BAC system, and I suspect there will be more.

Flat Roof Customer

The entire roof was replaced, and they also replaced 4 skylights. It took four days to complete the work. The crew showed up on time every day, left things neat and tidy when they left for the day, and cleaned up very well on the last day. The cost was about twice what another tar and gravel roof would’ve been, but if the roof lasts as well as the company says it will, it will be worth the cost.
Also, the stucco on my parapets was in need of some maintenance/repair, and I didn’t have to pay to have this done because of the way the membrane comes up over the top of the parapets. So this was a little bit of cost savings. It was also really nice not to have to deal with the smell and mess of the tar and gravel experience. It seems like the IB Systems roof does help my house to stay a little cooler on really hot days.

Flat Roof Customer

It is an IB roofing system with PVC. They also give a lifetime warranty. There are no reasons for leaks after they apply it. They have to take off all the sprayed foam before they put the membrane down and the heat will weld it.
Pitched Roof Customer

I thought they were excellent. It took awhile to get it done because we had some unexpected weather and they had to do the requests in order. They were very professional, they cleaned up after themselves, they were very courteous, and they came back to test and inspect the roof after a certain amount of time. It has a lifetime warranty and all of the others only had a 5 year warranty.
Flat Roof Customer

Their initial estimate as to when they would perform the work was a bit optimistic, due to bad weather. This was not their fault. They did show up at the modified start date. I think they did a good job.